Gather required documents (with copies) and complete all required forms

Make appointment online for 1st interview

Go to the 1st Interview (with printed confirmation page)

  • Only one parent needs to go
  • Child does not need to go to 1st appointment
  • Bring a minimum $205 (CRBA, Passport)
  • 1st Interview is basically a screening of all documents to ensure accuracy for 2nd interview with consular

Attend 2nd Interview

  • Both Parents MUST attend (if not have DS-3053 Consent Form by absentee parent)
  • Child must attend
  • Bring all documents from 1st Interview
  • Bring your receipts of payments from the 1st Interview
  • Bring appointment Sheets and Childs Passport Photos
  • Bring a minimum $11 (Domex Courier Fee)

If necessary, after approval, you can email follow-up inquiries to

Click here for some tips based on personal experience

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